World Class International Multi Instrumentalist

What do we know about the term “multi-instrumentalist”? Usually means that one, highly skilled musician is able to play a few or several different instruments. But how would you called someone who doesn’t only play regular instruments professionally such as violin, piano, guitar or drums, but also some of the rarest ones like theremin or the Earth Harp?

Born in Łódź, Poland, international multi-instrumentalist Kuba has been playing different instruments since he was 4 years old. Although he is probably best known for his performance on vibraphone, using a specialized 4-mallet technique, he has also mastered other instruments such as drums, marimba, xylophone, piano, guitar, violin, kalimba, flute and handsaw. He is also a very unusual multi-instrumentalist who has mastered some of the rarest and incredibly difficult instruments.

Kuba’s live concerts are highly entertaining, taking the audience on an unpredictable journey, incorporating classical numbers as well as standards and the usual with some not-so-usual instruments. Audiences are not only intrigued with and amazed by his outstanding musicality and skill, but also his unassuming and charming personality. They come away with the feeling that not only were they entertained and enlightened, but they also got to know and experience a celebrated and unique talent.

Being an international multi-instrumentalist Kuba has performed his show in a few international languages such as Japanese or Chinese and his huge variety of international repertoire makes his show enjoyable for all audiences.

Kuba constantly travels all over the world which gives him opportunity to meet local artists and learn music from different countries and incorporate that music into his show

Kuba constantly develops his musical skills learning new and unusual instruments. This year has learned perhaps the rarest instrument in the world: the Earth Harp. Only a handful of people play this amazing instrument.

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